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PM’s link with Bintan ‘highly suspicious’

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group says text messages revealing the Prime Ministers connection with Bintan Limited has put the integrity of the Prime Minister into serious question.

In a statement today, the Opposition Group says direct text messages between a Bintan executive with the Prime Minister has raised a lot of questions.

“The Opposition believes there are relevant authorities and ministry to deal with such matters. By directly caught pre-empting the outcome of a Cabinet decision through text messages raises a lot of distrust and suspicion in the Prime Minister’s connections to the company,” it said.

The Opposition also raised serious questions on a particular portion of the text message in which the Prime Minister assured the Bintan executive of his Government’s solidarity and that they will grant zero duty to the company.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group says this is not the first time the Prime Minister has allowed himself to be involved with dubious so-called investors.

“It is not new of the Prime Minister. The last time he defended Skyline and Nazar which resulted in the termination of both investors after lawful authorities later found out that both companies were a scam.

“It was also later revealed that Nazar had direct links with the Prime Minister as the investor was renting one of the Prime Minister’s homes up at Lungga.”

Therefore, the Parliamentary Opposition Group says it would not be a surprise if the Prime Minister’s connection to Bintan is more than just a text message.