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Oxfam set approach on National Youth Policy

Oxfam Officer, Mr Joseph Gesiau share focus of Statim Faia Project to young leaders during Honiara Youth Forum held
last week.

AN officer from Oxfam Solomon Islands highlighted to young people in Honiara its role with youths in the country is entirely aligned in programmes focused on National Youth Policy (NYP).

Mr Joseph Gesiau, an Oxfam SI Officer for the Statim Faia Project in a youth forum held last week highlighted to national leaders and community youth leaders, their role encompasses NYP objectives.

Mr Gesiau further elaborated to young leaders that the Statim Faia project targets the policy outcome; Youth and Governance, Youth and Peace Building and Youth and Sustainable Development.

That is basically to increase equal opportunities for young women and men to participate in decision making and leadership.

Furthermore, increase number of young people participating in activities that promote peace building and conflict prevention followed by increasing number of youths to promote sustainable development.

Moreover, Mr Gesiau assured young people that their programme components for young people in Honiara and Guadalcanal province comprises of capacity building with youth structure of the Honiara Youth Council.

“Facilitate supportive environment in communities and government, through power analyses, facilitated conversations, and advocacy.

“Provide small grants to youth groups in Honiara and Guadalcanal province as well as promote change programmes in areas of gender based violence, education, and the environment,” Mr Gesiau said.

Two of the youth volunteers of Honiara City Council-Youth Division who were part of the forum.

The Youth Development Officer for Honiara and Renbel, MWYCFA Mr Alfred Kiva appreciated Oxfam SI for their work in implementing the National Youth Policy which addresses issues youth face in the country.

Mr Kiva said when his work plan is set for this year he will be working closely with Oxfam, Honiara City Council-Youth Division and Honiara Youth Council on implementing some of policy outcomes.

In the mean time, he acknowledge them for assuring young people in Honiara of the Statim Faia project’s programmes and activities that is aligned with the NYP.

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