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Malaita Cup into quarter finals today

A west Kwaio defender dribbles past an East Kwaio striker

ALL pool matches of the 2017 Malaita Cup Soccer tournament currently underway in Auki has ended yesterday at Aligegeo and Gwaunaruú sport grounds.

In results yesterday morning, Central kwara’ae beat north malaita 2-0, East Fataleka thrashed East Malaita 8-0 with west Kwaio beating their opponents from East Kwaio 3-1.

West kwara’ae also managed to beat Lau Baelelea 2-1, and Baegu Asifola went down to Small Malaita 1-0.

Central kwara’ae and East Fataleka played two matches yesterday.

Their match was supposed to be played on Monday, but late preparations at the Gwaunaruú field caused the match to be postponed to yesterday.

Quarter final playoffs for today will see winner of pool A (west Kwaio) coming up against runners up of pool C (East Fataleka), winner pool C (central Kwara’ae) will take on Pool A runners up Aoke Langalanga.

The other finals will see Winner of pool B (west kwara’ae) coming up against runners up of Pool D (Baegu Asifola) while winner of pool D (Small Malaita) taking on runners up of pool B (North west Malaita).

All matches will be played at the Aligegeo football stadium.

East Kwaio, Lau Baelelea, North Malaita, east Malaita and west Are’Are were eliminated during pool matches.

Just three days into competition and most potential players have been seen and selectors have eyed some of the best players ready to represent Malaita province in the upcoming Solomon cup in June.

The finals of the 2017 Malaita cup will be held this Saturday 29th April.

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