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Graduation fiasco

SINU student list used at graduation might be wrong

One of the 1,650 SINU students who graduated yesterday, Mary Watoto reciving her Bachelor of Nursing (Midwifery) certificate from the Chancellor, Sir John Baptist Muria during SINU’s 4th graduation ceremony held at the Maranatha Hall… Photo by Ben Bilua.

QUESTIONS have been raised over the list of student’s name used during yesterday’s graduation programme of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) and whether it was responsible for depriving hundreds of students from receiving their certificates.

Hundreds of students were told not to join the line for the official parade to begin the graduation ceremony as their names were not on the list.

This is despite having their names in the list that was used for rehearsals prior to yesterday.

Victimised students some of whom were already in their gowns were filled with disappointment, despair and emotion as they retired from the parade.

Parents of victimised students some of whom have travelled all the way from the provinces to see their children graduate were also disappointed.

Reports reaching this paper alleged that the students list was incorrect.

Speaking on anonymity, a source familiar with the issue said the list produced during the student’s last rehearsal on Tuesday was the correct one.

“The first list used during the rehearsal yesterday (Tuesday) was perfect. SINU knows this,” the source said.

The source alleged that the SINU Academic Office had received a wrong list from the Finance Division which led to the mistake.

The source said SINU tried to rectify the list on Tuesday night without success.

The source said the mistake must have been rooted from the new system which SINU established around July last year.

“Last year there was an upgrade of the Student Management system, – a computerised system almost like the ATACHE Computer software Or the MYOB system.

“There was a Task Force allocated with the task and the intention was to improve and upgrade student registration and school fees,” the source said.

The source said SINU Administration and Academic Division should join forces in addressing the list to avoid such incident.

The source adds that these two divisions should work effectively together in such a very important event.

This paper understands that the issue has led to hundreds of supposed to be graduate students missing out on a great opportunity to mark history in their lives.

Both parents and students have expressed their disappointment and at the same time are seeking answers from SINU Administration.