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Why you should study in the us

Education Usa Advisor Ms Barabra Kepa speaking to KGVI students during yesterday’s outreach

REPRESENTATIVES of the US embassy from Port Moresby held a discussion with senior students of King George National Secondary school yesterday.

They are in the country and are going around schools basically to provide information for students on how they can get an opportunity to study in the states on a US scholarship.

Key speaker, Education USA advisor Ms Barabra Kepa talked about why students should consider the United States as a potential destination to undergo tertiary studies.

She explained four reasons on why students should study in the US and they are quality, choice, value and flexibility.

Ms Kepa said that in the United States the standard of education is very high, US universities are in the top ranks among other tertiary institutions in the world and facilities provided are world class and will surely cater to the needs of students there.

She said the second reason is choice and that because there is a great range of universities to choose from given that in the United States, there are more than four thousand institutions and more than ten thousand academic programs to choose from.

Ms Kepa proceeded on to explain the third reason. Speaking about value she said that the students can choose colleges according to which ones they can afford.

On that note, she mentioned that some colleges cost less compared to those located in the city.

Ms Kepa added that students can also apply for student loans and repay their loans at a later time.

Lastly, in terms of flexibility as the last reason she said that in the US students can transfer their credits from one institution to another given that they have completed two years at one college and decide to continue studies at another.

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