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JANUS to audit shipping grants

DEAR EDITOR, the call by Gabriel Kemaiki, spokesperson for Malaita Outer Islands (MOI) constituents for JANUS to investigate MV Sikta is very much supported (Refer to Solstar Issue 655, Tuesday 04/04/17).

On the same note, I strongly call on JANUS to investigate all grant recipients including MPs who received the grant but did not buy a ship and those who had paid old and unseaworthy vessel that are inoperable during their first or second year in service.

Grant recipients who bought old and unseaworthy vessels do it for a reason and that is to save money for their own pockets.

A classic example is the case of MV Takana bought by Hon Alfred Ghiro MP for East Makira Constituency.

The boat was procured with $1.5 million of the $3 million grant received by MP Ghiro. Where is the other $1.5 million Mr Honourable?

Worst still the boat (MV Takana) is an old fishing vessel lying idol in Suva Bay, Fiji for some time.

The boat encountered regular mechanical breakdown during her first year of operation and never survived the second year.

The National General Election is coming up next year and the corrupt MPs should not be allowed to walk free but serve another term behind bars at Rove.

If government sanctions the audit of airport funds then why not the shipping grants.

Over to you JANUS.



Rainsford Pita

West Honiara

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