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We all want peace

“THERE is no common secret in resolving peace in Solomon Islands.”

This was the statement made by the Deputy Premier of Western Province, Maloney Lopoto yesterday during the National Peace Dialogue at the Heritage Park Hotel when implying that no province will disagree with wanting peace.

The Deputy Premier told participants of the National Peace Dialogue that the Western Provincial Assembly highlighted in its previous peace dialogue in May this year that the issue of public participation has never been guaranteed and is the stumble for peace building in Western Province.

Lopoto told the panel of participants which included the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare, Opposition Leader Hon Jeremiah Manele, Ministers of the Crown and Members of Parliament that the Western Province would like to see strong support by the nationa Government to achieve its resolutions.

He further added that part of their resolutions include proper control of resources, redesign the education curriculum to start of customary value learning at Early Childhood stages, infrastructure development and the passage of the anticorruption legislation.

The Deputy Premier then commended the Sogavare led Government for taking up the initiative to eradicate corruption at all levels through its proposed legislations.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare then in response to most Provincial Premiers yesterday that he hopes this will be the last National Dialogue of its sort and to move straight into making tangible achievements out of widespread discussions on ways to achieve lasting peace in Solomon Islands.