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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Peace Dialogue a start to tangible peace efforts

PRIME Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare says the theme of the national Peace Dialogue cannot be overstated because in any society, the need for sustainable peace is important to social and economic development. “Without peace, development cannot take place. Without peace, children cannot go to school. Without peace, the realization of our potentials and aspirations will be undermined. “The nexus of peace and development, therefore, cannot be over emphasized. We need peace in order to have optimal and sustainable development. The inverse is equally true: we have to have development inRead More

Peace comes from straight-line decisions

PREMIER of Malaita Province Peter Ramohia says in order to achieving lasting peace in Solomon Islands, there needs to be good control in decision making to strongly drive the nation’s peace building efforts. Ramohia made the statement in his presentation on the outcome of the previously held Malaita Peace Dialogue during yesterday’s first day of the two-day National Peace Dialogue at the Heritage Park Hotel. The Malaita Province Premier then added that resolutions the Malaita Provincial Assembly and Leaders came up with came in sub-heads; Land and Resources, Peacebuilding andRead More

Elevating the quality of governance

THE Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare says the Democratic Coalition for Change Government is fully committed to improving the level of accountability and transparency on many fronts in the country. Sogavare made the statement in his opening remarks of the National Peace dialogue at the Heritage Park Hotel. “After their final revisions the Anti-Corruption Bill and the Whistle Blower Bill are now ready to be reintroduced in Parliament for enactment. “The Ombudsman Bill has gone through its first and second reading in the current sitting of Parliament. “We intend toRead More

Veke supports Federal System

Pushes for customary land availability through legislations   PREMIER for Guadalcanal Province Anthony Veke expressed that Guadalcanal’s main aspirations towards achieving lasting peace and stability is by adopting the Federal System of Governance and the introduction of legislations to avail customary land for development. Veke made the statement when presenting his remarks on the outcome of the Guadalcanal Leaders’ Summit in November last year in yesterday’s National Dialogue to discuss solutions to sustain peace and stability. Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke told those present yesterday that during the Summit last yearRead More

PM commends UNPBC and Peacebuilding Fund

PRIME Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare commended the United Nations Peace Building Fund Programme for its support to Solomon Islands ‘peacebuilding efforts. He made the statement when officially opening the National Peace Dialogue yesterday at the Heritage Park Hotel. “We cannot have peace at the national level if we do not have peace in our communities and ourselves. “It is appropriate therefore that I take this opportunity to thank the UN Peace Building Commission, the Peace Building Fund and the UN Secretary General for their unwavering support in stepping up effortsRead More

Premier Veke updates national dialogue on GP dialogue resolutions and progresses

GUADALCANAL Premier Hon Anthony Veke updated the National Dialogue on Guadalcanal Leaders Dialogue and Summit (GLDS) resolutions 2016. Premier Veke has the honour to be the first provincial Premier to speak at the two-day dialogue yesterday at Heritage Park hotel, Honiara. Hon Veke updated the National Dialogue floor on GLDS resolutions reached last year and ways forward the province has taken to realise those resolutions. “There were 23 resolutions reached during our GLDS last year, some are very specific whilst other are very general, all in all we believe theRead More

W-Province with high number of pending logging cases

WESTERN Province now faces a high number of logging cases pending especially on timber rights. The actual figure for the number of cases was not available through process yesterday in the Magistrate Court in Gizo Town but it is confirmed by Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika that the number of cases is very high compared to other provinces. According the Principal Magistrate, the cause for such pending is because of the need for grants to complete the CLC sitting over these logging cases. He said time does not allow the MagistrateRead More

We all want peace

“THERE is no common secret in resolving peace in Solomon Islands.” This was the statement made by the Deputy Premier of Western Province, Maloney Lopoto yesterday during the National Peace Dialogue at the Heritage Park Hotel when implying that no province will disagree with wanting peace. The Deputy Premier told participants of the National Peace Dialogue that the Western Provincial Assembly highlighted in its previous peace dialogue in May this year that the issue of public participation has never been guaranteed and is the stumble for peace building in WesternRead More

Sogavare discloses reasons of attaining peace funds

PRIME Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare admitted that the country does not have the resources and experience to address the challenges impeding the challenges of lasting peace and to implement such programmes. He made the statement yesterday in his opening remarks during the National Peace Dialogue at the Heritage Park Hotel. “It is important to note however that we cannot possibly profess that we have the capacity to implement essential peace building initiatives, because we don’t. Not only that, we do not only have the resources to address the challenges impedingRead More

Search and rescue unit lacks standalone resources

THE Solomon Islands Search and Rescue Unit says it lacks standalone resources when it comes to conducting search and rescue efforts. In an interview yesterday, Principal Search and Rescue Officer, Peter Young said the unit coordinates search and rescue operations with authorities, in this case the police for patrol boats and fast crafts, RAMSI for the use of Toll helicopters and first responders, which is the people on the ground. Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia yesterday raised in this paper that no action was taken quickly and lives have been lostRead More