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Reported sinking of a tug boat in Solomon Islands waters.

Dear Editor,
Honiara : 28 July 2017
SOLOMON Islands local newspaper, the Solomon Star reported, today, the sinking of a tug boat near Bungana Island in the Central Province on Thursday night, 27 July, about 6.30 pm.
At the time of reporting the news, one Asian crew member of the tug boat was reported missing and a search operation was said to have been launched by the RSIPF.
Six of the crew, reportedly, managed to struggle out of the sinking boat and swim ashore.
It is hoped the missing crew member will be found alive.
This latest marine incident follows closely the tragedy in June this year when 17 villagers were reported to have lost their lives when their boat capsized in rough seas off Marau on the eastern coast of Guadalcanal.
Boating tragedies in Solomon Islands are becoming all too common and it is hoped this latest sinking incident will be fully investigated by the appropriate authorities to determine whether any marine safety laws or regulations were breached leading to the sinking of the tug boat.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short

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