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New Zealand Defence Force delivers books to Honiara

DEAR EDITOR, according to a late afternoon news bulletin broadcast by Radio New Zealand International yesterday, Wednesday, the New Zealand Defence Force has delivered about a tonne of textbooks and children’s books to the only public library in Honiara.

The books were chosen from Rotary donations in Greymouth, New Zealand, by Ms Daphne Smithers, a Volunteer Service Abroad worker who lives in Greymouth.

Ms Smithers said the books were mainly textbooks and non-fiction books that secondary and tertiary students desperately need, as well as children’s books.

She also said younger people in Honiara were hungry for books. I am sure all will join in thanking Ms Smithers and the New Zealand Defence Force for the generous contribution to Honiara’s children and to the Honiara Public Library, where the many books will be available to read.

Yours sincerely