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New committee for Kwailabesi Mission rehab

Members of North Malaita community in Honiara at the Maranatha hall for the election of the new committee and
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A new committee to drive forward the rehabilitation of Kwailabesi SDA Mission station on North Malaita was elected on Saturday at the Maranatha hall.

The Seventh Day Adventist community in Honiara from the Northern region of Malaita elected its new committee to oversee the rehabilitation of the Mission station.

The new committee is President James Bouro, he will be assisted by Vice-President, Geoffrey Samuel, Secretary Maeva Pitanoe, Vice-secretary Raynick Jack and Treasurer John Berry along with vice Treasurer Aluta Kakadi.

Apart from the executive committee there are also nominated members representing each SDA church around the northern region of Malaita.

The committee and its members are set to spearhead funds for the construction of a Senior Secondary High School and a Church hall which are described as a dire need for SDA communities around there.

New President, James Bauro said he is confident that his team with their work experiences in Honiara have the strength to drive their vision forward.

He said the team has a solid education background and experiences, with their individual roles and responsibilities they can achieve their vision in an effort to support the church.

President Bauro said plans ahead is that they will challenge each church in Honiara and North Malaita to prepare for one special giving day to raise around SBD$1 million.

He said if they get that money their project will be completed.

“Our original costing is SBD$700,000, work moved a bit but now cost has increased, and the planned church hall will fit 4000 people about third of the Maranatha hall size, that is what we hope to raise money for,” Mr Bauro said.

Mr Bauro said, “One company from China we ordered materials from including roofing, but we did not have money, we already have plans but money to resource plans and the right people to drive it is lacking that is why we depend on this committee.”

Officer of the SDA Mission Office in Auki, Mr Newton Langai congratulated and welcomed the new committee.

He said the Malaita SDA Mission standout plan for this year is the rehabilitation of the Kwailabesi Church hall and construction of a new senior high school.

Meanwhile, SBD$17,031.50 was collected during praise and give at the Maranatha Hall on Saturday which will go towards the rehabilitation project.