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Lesson learnt – stop drink and drive

AUKI is in mourning following the unfortunate death of three people in a vehicle accident.

The incident happened on Wednesday night when the driver of a RAV 4 vehicle they were travelling in reversed beyond the Auki wharf and plunged into the ocean.

A male driver and two young females all lost their lives through drowning.

Sources say one of the girls is a student whilst the other was engaged to be married soon. The male driver was married and left behind his wife and children.

It was indeed a tragic accident and shocking news for Auki residents. It is believed alcohol was involved and the passengers were on a drinking spree until the accident.

This unfortunate accident may not have happened if the fenced Auki wharf and security officers stop vehicle and people from entering the area at night. It could also have been avoided if alcohol was not involved.

We all know drink driving is against traffic laws of the land. A driver under the influence is endangering his or her life and the passengers.

Don’t drink and drive message is always loud and clear and does not need reminding. However when accident of such nature happened, we are all dumbfounded and search for the right words to educate our people.

It seems we’re reaching nowhere as people continue to drink and drive on our roads every day in Honiara, Auki, Gizo or elsewhere. It is a free world and free choice but we have seen and heard day in day out deaths related to drink driving. It’s happening and will continue to happen if we’re ignorant.

Can the Auki incident be reminder for us as we begin 2017? Let us try and stop accident happening inside our vehicles on the roads, drains, wharves and elsewhere. Think ahead before we drink and don’t step into a vehicle when we’re under the influence.

For young students who have a long life to go, stop drinking and prioritise your education first. There is time for everything. Your time to celebrate will come. Let us not pre-empt that celebration until you achieve your diploma, degree or doctorate.

Let us all be reminded again to stop drinking and driving in our vehicles.

Condolences to those who lost their loved ones in the Auki wharf accident and keep Auki safe at all times.