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Isabel Province Youth Forum mission start

IPYF Admin Officers Mr Carlos Saliga, Ms Ender Rence, Mr Santos Siota, IPYF Chair Mr Josiah Manehia and Madam Nester during a meeting

ISABEL Provincial Youth Forum is gearing up for its programmes outlined for this year with a fundraising drive expected to take place after Easter.

A fundraising committee was established to develop a plan that will set fundraising goals and assess progress towards meeting those goals

IPYF in its general consensus aims to raise SBD$100,000 through its proposed fundraising drives with one of its immediate task to assist with the procurement of new medical equipment for Buala Hospital.

This initiative comes from the young professionals around Isabel province who are members of the popular Isabel Provincial Youth Forum page on Facebook

Chairman and Founder of IPYF, Mr Josiah Manehia said that the fundraising drive is part of the proceedings with allocations for specific targets vested on the Forum’s plans and goals.

Mr Manehia said the fundraising drives will eventuate into series of activities that will take place within the different quarters of this year

He said there will also be two donation boxes at the sports ground on IPYF Sunday games and these donations will go towards facilitating IPYF plans and activities

Mr Manehia stressed that since the establishment of the IPYF Sunday games, youth turnout has been overwhelming and “it is time that we provide them with the opportunity to engage in constructive and meaningful programs to enhance their participation in key developments in our country”.

“There is no time to waste, action is better than mere talking, we want things to happen and it can only eventuate if we work together,” Mr Manehia said.

Island Sun understands that there are five other sub-committees that are also established under the forum and they are Charity, Entertainment/ Social, Religious with a Training and Development Committee.

These sub-committees will facilitate important programmes that would help, encourage and strengthen human resource development, spiritual values, culture and traditional values, and community service programmes to assist Isabel province in its development aspirations.

A financial body will also be established as an independent body to oversee and manage the Forum’s financial affairs.

IPYF Administration is currently working on its constitution and its completion will seal the standard procedure of the forum.

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