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Ranonga visit touching: Maepio

THE visit to Ranonga during the Executive Meeting held last month was really touching meeting the rural people according to the Western Province Premier, Hon Wayne Maepio.

He said the provincial government ministers had the time to meet with the people and the people really appreciated them going down to them at the grassroots level.

“Apart from the intended purpose for the going, meeting the people was the biggest achievement.

“The whole purpose for going to Ranonga was for the executive meeting but when we had the opportunity to meet the people was an overwhelming feeling for me.

“Their appreciation, love and respect shown to the government are really appreciated,” he said.

The Premier elaborated that the people only usually hear of the government but have never seen or met physically their MPs, MPAs and government representatives.

“It is true that you will hardly see government members going down to the people this way but this should not be the case because from the grassroots level is the power base of all government leaders.

“To me, it is important to go down to the power source to talk to the people.

“The government is the peoples and in having such interaction with the people in rural areas, I must admit that I am one of the satisfied Premiers to have such opportunity not during my election period but during my reigning period,” he said.

One thing the Premier said that he found out during the recent interactions was the people’s high expectations and assumptions on issues in terms of the provincial and national government.

“So we had the opportunity to share with them on explaining the roles of the government and the differences between the national and provincial government and so on,” said the Premier.

The three-day meeting at Ranonga was said to be jam-packed with people all throughout the days it was held, according to locals from Ranonga who had attended it.

According to Hon Wayne Maepio, his plan for the next executive meeting will be held at Noro including reaching Kolombangara, Vella La Vella, the Shortland Islands and then to Marovo.

“So we are on a schedule of moving the government to visit the people within communities.

“Maybe we will not be able to capture everyone but we will be targeting very specific places that are accessible for many people to reach so that they may interact with us,” said the Premier.

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