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Hon Maneniaru calls on government to work with churches

MINISTER of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon John Maneniaru has called on the government to establish close partnership with churches.

He made the call in reference and support to Motion 22 which was moved by Member of Parliament for Aoke/Langalanga Hon Matthew Wale and was deliberated during the fifth meeting of the tenth parliament early this year.

Motion 22 anticipated the inquiry of the proposed amendment to the preamble of the Constitution.

The motion seeks that Parliament resolves to direct the Constitution Review Committee to inquire into an amendment to the preamble of the Constitution which will have the effect of declaring that Solomon Islands is a Christian Country.

Hon Maneniaru stressed that it is high time for government to bring the motion in order to recognise churches’ participation in development.

He said churches have played a vital role in the development of the country but lack the resources to carry out their work plans and this requires the government to step in with essential support.

“Our churches have played a vital role in the development of this nation and their actions qualifies for more support from the government.

“We call ourselves a Christian country and yet there are challenges that do exist between churches and the government in driving the development of this country forward,” Hon Maneniaru said.

He strongly emphasised that the government needs to establish strong partnership in a direct way with churches.

Hon Maneniaru said the government must look into possible strategy to enhance the relationship between the government and churches to drive positive development both spiritual, social and economically.

He said such undertaking will alien the country to the objective of Motion 22 and at the same time give more meaning to Solomon Islands as a Christian country.

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