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Hatanga slams police over lack of support

HATANGA Company Limited has called for effective responsiveness from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

In a statement issued yesterday, the company said it feels like there is lack of support from RSIPF.

It says there was no arrest made after yesterday’s violence which threatened the lives of Hatanga employees and caused damage to company properties.

“Hatanga Limited feels like there is lack of support from RSIPF even though it (Hatanga) is the legitimate owner of the subject land.

“Hence, the company has kindly advised all its employees residing in company residences at Tinge to relocate from the area,” it says.

It stated during recent days, RSIPF has been carrying out the Eviction Order on illegal settlers on Hatanga land at Tinge, west Honiara.

“Hatanga Limited appreciates the fact that the RSIPF is executing the Eviction Order issued by the High Court of Solomon Islands.

“However, it seems there are issues which need investigation within the RSIPF as the High Court Order fall short of its purposes,” it sates.

Police Media Unit in a statement yesterday said they have engaged both parties in dialogue in an attempt to resolve the situation and ensure no further outbreaks of public disorder.

“Police are mounting an operation to provide increased security and patrols in the area overnight and tomorrow,” it says.

The police have also asked the public to remain calm and settle any disputes in a peaceful manner.

“Any person found carrying any weapons, inciting any violence, or taking the law into their own hands will not be tolerated by the police,” it said.

This paper understands that as a result of the eviction in recent days, many people have been displaced and are sheltering at night at the White River Community High School.

A school spokesperson, Freddie Puia yesterday said the school has given shelter to the many families that are displaced following the eviction exercise conducted.

He said the school board and administration agreed to accommodate the victims as a result of the situation they faced.

But Mr Puia maintains that the school only provides shelter for them during night times, until such time leaders find ways to solve the issue.