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Hatanga stands behind court order

HATANGA Company has removed employees and families because of the inherent risk from illegal squatters further attacking its families.

Hatanga spokes person has informed police that because of the unprovoked attack from illegal squatters they have relocated staff and families.

Yesterday morning on the Wednesday, May 3, illegal squatters burnt a residence, destroyed vehicles and looted personal properties including laptops, clothes and food.

The illegal squatters also attacked unrelated families that were developing land and houses adjacent.

“We stand behind our right as the registered title holders and the rule of law in Solomon Islands and vehemently deny unfounded and false accusations that we are behind any violence.

“We were working and continue to support the sheriff of the high court and assist a police led operation,” Hatanga representative said.

The illegal squatters continue to build towards Tasahe and Ngossi and remain defiant of the law.