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Goodwill gesture by Kava Bar Munda

THE donation of pillows for patients at the Helena Goldie Hospital by Kava Bar Munda is a great gesture.

Kava Bar Munda is 100 percent locally owned who donated 20 pillows to the hospital yesterday. It will continue to donate 20 pillows each month for the next four months.

Helena Goldie Hospital is owned by the United Church of Solomon Islands and has been supported much by its partners overseas including Uniting Care Health of Australia toward its nurse training.

The Government of Solomon Islands have assisted in its refurbishment in recent years which helped Helena Goldie Hospital in providing much needed health support to the people of Western Province.

Kava Bar which is a small business providing social entertainment and activity for clients in Munda saw this assistance as a small gesture. But in the hearts of owners Milton Aqorau and Betty Brechtefeld-Aqorau the assistance will make a big impact. The couple wants sick patients to sleep comfortably in the pillows and recover quickly.

This is just one of many contributions Kava Bar Munda did to the hospital and it should be an example for other local business houses in and around Munda or Noro.

The hospital served most of the people in the Munda area and around Roviana, New Georgia or even as far as Rendova and Marovo.

Even if our churches or the national government are unable to assist, local business should take the initiative to help our ailing hospital and clinics around the country.

Health of our people is paramount and at this times when drugs and other medicines are in short supply everywhere in our provinces, something has to be done now and quickly.

Kava Bar Munda is showing a good example that all local business owners should do. Step in and chip in something that could help our hospitals, clinics and health centres equipped to provide good care for our sick people.

Thumbs up to Kava Bar Munda and its owners Milton and Betty! for your goodwill assistance of pillows toward the sick patients of Helena Goldie Hospital.

May your deed be a shining example for other local businesses owners in Solomon Islands far and wide as we kick start 2017 healthily!

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