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Central Province – education dilemma

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to thank the Central Province Principle Education Officer (PEO) for shedding green light to some doubts of concerned onlookers of the province.

Nevertheless, there are still no answers provided for some doubts.

Please allow me to put it to them again.

  1. The Central Province Education Authority must vacate the venue they occupy as their office early 2017. For certain I believe that they continue to waste money renting it for the last 30 over years.

Central Province Education Authority, what do you say to this?

  1. The Central Province Education Board and the Provincial Executive must make sure they post rightful teachers to take on respective school post holders and not primary teachers to serve as principals in the Secondary sector. If they have to, please explain.

Please Authority we need answers with tangible evidences to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that your deliberations revealed nothing but the truth.

I am convinced your Authority still do not understand well qualifications of your own teacher. Please check your skeleton in the cupboard because the truth is still concealed.

Maybe you need some hints, please double check your records on returning in-service graduating teachers education profiles, which of the two they upgraded in, in-service teaching secondary degree or in-service teaching primary degree.

  1. The authority must explain why all School Leaders trainings are done at Gelailau CHS and who benefited most from such a very bias nepotism exercise? Only module 1 was run in Tulaghi.

We expect truthful answers; we strongly feel communities and families around Gelailau benefited most from such arrangements. The school, caterers, OBM owners, bottle shop and canteen owners to name a few.

Let me remind, the Central Province Education Authority that teachers are humans and socialisation is part of their socioeconomic and cultural making. There are limits to these acts if violated and if it affects their training, only one has to adjust for the better.

I strongly believe socialisation is not the criterion for the training site selection but only for economic games.

  1. Siota PSS is promised three million (3M) for rehabilitation in 2017 by the Central Provincial Education Minister, Mr Lugha. Which approach shall the Central Province Education Authority employ to execute expending this 3M project, the Bubble Up, Trickle Down or the Boomerang Strategy?

We are eager to know beforehand your expending approach to avoid misunderstandings when the 3M project is over and done with.

  1. HHhhhhHHow many private and church run schools are there in Central Province? (Not counting RTCs). Explain why Central Province cannot venture into such partnership in developing Education in the province?

What have you to say to this CP Education Authority? Maybe answers to the following questions should help our Education dilemma.



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