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Gizo police investigate mystery death

GIZO police are investigating the death of a man in his 40s which was reported mid this week at Irigila village, North Vella La Vella.

The body of the deceased has bruises on the face, something which is raising eyebrows on the cause of death.

The Western Province Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Vincent Eria confirmed that the matter was officially reported to the Gizo Police Station on Wednesday and that they are working on it.

“This morning (yesterday), an Operations team was sent to carry out investigation over the suspicious death.

“Currently, the action we are taking there is attending the crime scene, taking statements and speaking to community members within the area to find the cause of death.

“We are investigating as well on the history of the deceased in terms of sickness and his association and living amongst the community.”

Acting PPC Vincent Eria said that the investigation carried out is normal police work carried out on suspicious deaths.

“To clarify to the community, this is a normal police investigation if whether there is any offence committed or not.

“After the Operations team return then we should receive a good brief of the incident tomorrow (today).

“For the community’s understanding, we are not jumping to conclusions currently in pointing fingers to anyone according to the cause of death.”

He said if investigation show that cause of death had no obstruction from relatives and the community then the burial process will be allowed to take place.

But if the cause of death is suspicious and there is pressure from the community to find out the cause of death then further investigations will be carried out.

“All this will be determined tomorrow (today) after the Operations team sent returns,” concluded the Acting PPC.

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