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Police call for help

No arrests made yet on Easter killing, post mortem results pending

SUPERVISING Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga is urging public to assist police with their investigation on the deaths of two naturalised citizens of Asian origin over the weekend.

Ms Matanga said a post mortem has been conducted on the two bodies on Wednesday and police are waiting for the result of the cause of death from the Doctor.

She said that there have not been any arrest and police are still pursuing the investigation.

She said police are not limiting the investigation on any targeted group but made a general investigation on the incident.

“We are continuing with our investigation and urges our people that this is a serious case in our society and call on Honiara residents that if you know any information relating to the incident to come forward and tell the police,” Ms Matanga said.

She said the incident caused fear in Honiara residents and also is a concern because it involves our business houses.

She said police and the public must work together, “this way we can stop such acts to happen again in our community”.

Ms Matanga also assures the business houses affected that police will continue to do its investigation.

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