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Bills passed in Parliament must be fully implemented

THE non-implementation or stagnant legislations passed in Parliament have been an ongoing issue.

This is according to the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Central Guadalcanal, Hon Ishmael Avui.

“Another issue which leads to non-implementation of Acts passed in this Honourable House is that, there were is no budget and human resource allocations specifically to implement these Acts of Parliament,” Avui said.

He then added that whilst Ministries are stretched with their designated responsibilities, the come-about of new Acts offers them additional challenges and responsibilities

“The officials will either do a bad job of it or do nothing about the new Act of Parliament.

“So Sir, I urge those responsible next time to take note of this and do thorough preparations before bringing new Bills to this Honourable House,” Hon Avui added.

He then told Parliament that an Act or law that is never implemented is as bad as no law.

“It should be our aim to make all Bills passed in this house fully implemented,” the MP for East Central Guadalcanal added.

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