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Archbishop Cardone arrives at Kirakira


ARCHBISHOP of the Catholic Church Bishop Christopher M Cardone was garlanded by Parishioners of Saint John the Baptist Parish at Kirakira on his first Pastoral visit to Catholic Parishes in the Makira/Ulawa Province.

His Archbishop was garlanded by Kirakira youth during his arrival

His Pastoral visit was purposely to meet and evangelize with Christian faiths of the Catholic Parishes and to offer Sacrament of Confirmation to young people of the Catholic Communities under the patron Saint of John the Baptist Parish, Kirakira.

Prior to his arrival he was greeted with speeches from the Church, village and the Provincial leaders before beginning his first leg of Pastoral visits to the Catholic Communities of Arohane, Tetere and Hunama Communities who gathered together at Arohane Church to welcome him.

His Grace was welcomed by parish Priest Fr John during his arrival at Kirakira Air port yesterday

According to his programme he will hold a Holy Eucharistic Mass at Arohane Catholic Church and offer the Sacrament of Confirmation to more than 30 new Candidates today.

Cultural group of Arohane meet Archbishop during his tour to their community

He will continue his second day of visit to Manibena Community on Friday 28th April and will hold an open forum and discussion with the Parishioners.