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Monday, August 7th, 2017


Planned relocation of the NRH accident and emergency ward

Dear Editor, IT is expected the NRH Accident and Emergency Ward will be relocated to two temporary buildings in September to allow an inspection and assessment of the present A&E Ward for damage caused by last year’s earthquake. The planned move was announced in the National Parliament yesterday, Tuesday, by the   Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u who told Parliament the current Emergency Ward would be relocated to two temporary buildings donated by RAMSI on the Mission’s departure. Dr. Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u also told Parliament,Read More

A combined effort sees the arrival of donated equipment reach NRH

Dear Editor, THANKS to the very kind and generous donation of a Brisbane based doctor and staff members of Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Laboratory, also in Brisbane, the NRH has received 400 kilos of much needed equipment, including a bacterial incubator, a refrigerator, computers, a printer, scanner, a bath and some chairs. Delivery of the equipment from Australia was a combined effort involving Solomon Airlines, BJS Group of Companies, DHL Couriers and two Honiara Rotarians.  It is understood that the NRH’s Head of Microbiology, Hilda Zoleveke, has said most of theRead More

110 year old former Solomon Islands Coastwatcher to receive a medallion

Dear Editor, ACCORDING to a broadcast on Radio New Zealand International, today, Wednesday, and quoting Sir Bruce Saunders in Honiara, a local 110 year old gentleman, a former Coastwatcher during the battle of Guadalcanal in the Second World War, is to receive a medallion at the 75th Battle of Guadalcanal  Anniversary Celebrations. The medallion was struck specially to recognize the services of Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers but only half a dozen have been awarded in the past 3 or 4 years as many former Scouts and Coastwatchers have passed on.Read More

Urban flooding, a new threat to the capital of Solomon Islands

LEADERS of Solomon Islands, a tiny country in the pacific are now realizing the importance of preparedness as pivotal to counter the impact of climate change and changing weather patterns. Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands has experienced severe disasters in recent years due to high precipitation leading to relentless drenching rains, floods and storms which could lead to extreme monsoons and changing weather patterns caused by climate change. Preparedness was weak and slow, though local and international organisations warned the incoming threats of climate change that might put lives,Read More