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Solomons gold launches country’s very own chocolate

Sample chocolates of Solomon Gold

THE Solomon Islands Cocoa and chocolate week 2017 in collaboration with PHAMA (Pacific Horticulture and Agricultural Market Access program) programme launched Solomons Gold chocolate yesterday.

The country now produces its very own chocolate which is also in the New Zealand market with prospects of venturing into other potential markets.

Managing Director of Solomons Gold Mr Clive Carol spoke of the company’s vision in terms of developing the cocoa industry in the near future.

Mr Carol said that they are trying to foster the development of high quality cocoa.

“Our future depends on being able to secure a line of quality beans,” he said.

Speaking about the company he said that they offer and produce a pure product with quality from natural organic products.

Mr Carol said that part of their vision is to produce totally natural products that are non-dairy and gluten free.

“We have to compete on terms of quality,” he said.

The Solomons Gold managing director mentioned that last year, forty-eight tonnes of dried cocoa beans were exported to New Zealand.

He proceeded on to say that their vision is to also increase that number to about a hundred and fifty tonnes within the next two years given that they work closely with the cocoa exporters.

Mr Carol urges close working relations between cocoa farmers, exporters and stakeholders with the company.

“Work with us so we can collaborate much more and promote the Solomon Islands brand,” he said.

Guests at the program included the deputy New Zealand High Commissioner, Mr Tim Breeze, Solomons Gold Managing director Mr Clive Carol, stakeholders and cocoa farmers.

The Bulkshop supermarket will be the main distributor of the Solomons Gold chocolate.

In relation, in their support of promoting Solomons Gold they will be distributing the product to wholesalers, hotels, as well as to places in and around the capital.