SIPA secret board meet to decide directors’ fate

THE fate of some directors at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) is believed to be high on the agenda of a secret meeting the SIPA Board is convening in Noro, Western Province this week.

All Board members left Honiara yesterday [Wednesday] afternoon, except Mr Johnny Sy who is still away overseas. The two-day meeting is expected to end on Friday.

Among other things, two issues are high on the agenda for the Board’s two-day meeting, which begins in Noro today, insiders said.

These are the preparations for the arrival of the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eranda Kotelawala. He and his wife arrived on Saturday, but were put back on the same plane they came because he did not have a work permit.

Mr Kotelawala’s visit was intended to familiarise himself with SIPA in preparation for the formal takeover next month.

It is understood the Board’s meeting in Noro is to approve the formal takeover arrangements being planned for February 15.

Insiders said the second issue is to do with the future of some directors on the SIPA Management team.

“This meeting will decide the fate of some. Productivity or work performance will be used to determine continuation or otherwise of directors’ employment with SIPA. In fact, one of the reasons why the Board decided to meet secretly in Noro is to decide this very issue – the future of non-performing directors on the management team,” those familiar with the arrangement said.

Some workers said they are hopeful the Board takes the correct decision so that confidence and stability return to the work environment at such an important institution in the country.

“Our ears are glued to the ground for the outcome of the Board’s meeting,” one said yesterday.

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