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Rogavono community works on new method of planting sweet potato

Mr Maurice Jui-Genghis showing the high result of planting sweet potato with one vain

TAIWAN Technical Mission’s project to improve food crops have introduced a new method which is workable to local farmers on East Guadalcanal.

Local farmers in Rogavono village, mostly women have completed a training on new methods to plant sweet potato.

The training was conducted by TTM Staff, Maurice Jui-Genghis, Mars Shiue and Willie Tuita from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new method is, one to two vain planting in ploughed rows which changes from the traditional option of mounting with four vain, and it has been workable since TTM first introduced it late last year.

Women say the new method is effective, and practical to whatever climate they are faced with, an end result of producing high yields compared to the traditional one.

The training conducted yesterday was attended by 20 plus members including that of village Chief Timothy Vuria and is a follow-up basically focused on sweet potato production and management.

TTM Staff Mr Maurice Jui-Genghis, who is a facilitator said this method is important, effective and time management fitting to the context of rural communities.

He said they wanted to introduce planting sweet potatoes because it is an excellent crop for small scale farmers, drought tolerant and easy to grow.

Mr Maurice also adds that sweet potato does not suffer much from pest and diseases.

Participants of the training conduct by TTM yesterday

Mrs Lily Huria one of the local farmers who have benefited from the new method said now they are approximately producing 10 to 20 bags each day which is different from what they have been digging up before.

She said this style of planting has made them learn new ways to manage its production and crops, and also provides them small scale marketing that is sustainable for their living.

In the mean time, Rogavono village is one of the high sweet potato producers in Honiara Central Market and restaurants in Honiara City where a few have even placed orders from them.

The Chief Field Officer Operation for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and TTM, Mr Willie Tuita said he appreciated the continues work with Rogavono community.

The training was ended with the TTM presenting gardening tools to community which they will share on a daily basis.

It has been the fourth training that the TTM has provided in Rogavono community and surroundings along with few field trips and hands-on trainings for women and men.

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