Call to remove betel nut venders from old Auki market

AUKI public are suggesting that the betel nut venders in Auki should be relocated from their current site to give a much more welcoming sight to visitors and travelling public.

“Betelnut vendors in the Auki old market should remove from the area to improve the face of Auki town for visitors and travelling public.”

The public in Auki appeal to the Malaita provincial government (MPG) to work hard and address this issue especially in keeping the Auki Township clean and healthy.

They said, “Malaita province has one of the outstanding wharfs throughout the country so far but have no spaces for parking areas.

“As Malaita province is one of the busiest provinces in shipping services every day we want the Auki wharf to be cleared.

“Most spaces were occupied by those market vendors which create less space for the travelling public.

“Along the road betelnut stains were all over the road where it shows we are in an unhealthy environment.

“We call on again for the MPG to work harder this year for the betterment of the province and its people.”