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Auki public uneasy over Chinese influx

PUBLIC in Auki have raised concerns on the increasing migration of Chinese into the capital town of Malaita, Auki, for business purposes.

Speaking to this paper yesterday, David Defe says that currently the majority of shops in Auki are owned by Chinese, and it is a slap on the face of indigenous Malaitans.

It is a common longing to see that businesses in Malaita should be dominated by indigenous locals, and Mr Defe feels that it is high time that Malaitans rally together and organise themselves to turn this into a reality.

He said, “we Auki public will consider this increasing of chiness migration into our province.

“They have increases in numbers almost every month to do their businesses in Auki.

“Most shops consist of five to six Chinese where they will run the business for a period of time and rather expand their businesses and owned large area of land and buildings.”

Defe adds in Auki only few Chinese businessmen are Malaitan citizens that have been in Auki for many years and have come to be recognised and accepted locally as Malaitans.

“We call on the responsible authority to look seriously on this issue for the welfare and the good of the people of Malaita.”