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Seven fields to recruit more seasonal workers

SEVEN Fields is one of the biggest seasonal worker recruiters in Australia and will be in the country from the 13th to 17th this month to carry out another big recruitment exercise.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, Ms Jenny Barile, the deputy director of external trade under the ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, confirmed that the group will be in the country next week to recruit 40 new workers.

She added that this recruitment will the second round of recruitment from the company.

In regards to the 40 new intakes, Ms Barile mentioned that they will work in the Citrus Farm where they will carry out their farm duties of picking, pruning and planting.

The deputy director of trade mentioned that the workers will begin working in May up until November.

Ms Barile, also stated that currently, there are 29 seasonal workers working under the Seven Fields company in Victoria, Australia.

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