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Santa Catalina churches initiate reconciliation

Hon. Alfred Ghiro and wife receive gifts from Aorigi Mother’s Union

CHURCHES have an important role to play in paving the way for communities to continue existing as one people and Santa Catalina churches for that matter have truly cared for their people who have somewhat misconstrued the processes and essence of elections and politics.

On Dec 27, the Mothers Union of the Anglican Church on Santa Catalina marked Father’s Day in collaboration with a reconciliation organised by church leaders on Santa Catalina from the Anglican Church, South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) and the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) to pave the way for the people to leave politics aside and work together as a community with each other and their Member of Parliament, Hon Alfred Ghiro.

Hon Alfred Ghiro who was guest of honour at the Father’s Day and Reconciliation function at Roromaru playing ground reminded the people that the election is over and it would be more to the benefit of the community and each one to focus on the present and future rather than being preoccupied with the past.

“I am your Member of Parliament and whether I am your preferential candidate or not would not in any way alter the status quo; because I am now your only representative in this current Parliament so I urge you all to leave aside your political differences and let us work together,” Ghiro explained.

He stressed that he is not urging anyone to change their political affiliation but rather he appealed to the people to maintain unity as one people, maintain their cultural, traditional and customary practices, which are the foundation and core values that had sustained the island for centuries and for which the Aorigi people are renowned as most hospitable people.

“As much as it would be meaningful for me, this reconciliation essentially would benefit you the most in the long term because after reconciling nothing would now stand in your way to hinder you from working together and living together as a people,” Ghiro stressed.

He added that elections, voting, candidacy, preferences, winning and losing are in essence the mechanics of democracy and we are lucky to enjoy this system which allows us to participate freely, fairly and without fear.

“Since election is over let us live together freely, fairly and without fear and free yourselves from those who manipulate you for their own selfish gains because you will be the one to suffer and not them,” Ghiro said.

Meanwhile, the Mother’s Union thanked Hon Ghiro for assisting them mark the Father’s day and in courteous reciprocation they presented him token gifts of carving and basket, which was happily received by his wife. The other members of his team also received carvings each.

However, gracing the event was the presentation of a custom shell money which the Provincial Member for Santa Catalina, Hon Charles Tatari, and the President of Aorigi House of Chiefs, Fr Mathew Mamae have presented to Hon Ghiro formally symbolising the Church initiated reconciliation in both the custom manner and Christian principles on behalf of all Christian people on Santa Catalina.

Having now paved the way, the church leaders have concluded their part and would now stand to support the chiefs in their plans to hold a bigger reconciliation with Hon Ghiro in June during his constituency tour.


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