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Nende MP accused of poor leadership

Member of Parliament for Temotu Nende Hon Comins Mewa

Member of Parliament for Temotu Nende Hon Comins Mewa

MEMBER of Parliament for Temotu Nende Constituency Commins Aston Mewa has come under sharp critism over alleged non-performance in the national and constituency level.

Senior constituent of Nende has questioned Mewa’s leadership of not fulfil his promise to the people.

The Nende constituency had expected him to be a leader who provides changes to development.

He was also expected to champion economic growth in securing projects and funds for the people.

The absence of it in his two terms has driven land owners to go after destructive industries such as logging and mining on Santa Cruz Island.

“Our MP has no development aspirations for his constituency. He has no plans and no political will power to implement changes. He relied heavily on available funds as RCDF and livelihood fund.”

“He cannot continue to be our MP. His two terms should be enough for him.

“His contribution in Parliament lagging behind compared to former MP John Patteson Oti. He has distance himself from knowing the core of issues discuss.

“Our national projects for Nende Constituency under development projects are left unattended by National Government or Ministries concern because our MP has zipped up his mouth.

“He is not interested to follow-up the projects in his constituency.

“We need to change leadership attitude and passion for a change in Temotu Nende Constituency

“Under the constituency scholarship fund he is helping out well to some Nende students.

“He has given privilege to scholarship choice of students for his constituency. However he has choice of students to sponsor, a misused privilege for Nende constituency.”

Meanwhile Mewa responded that he tries his best to convince the national government, especially on propose national projects but it depend on the government’s political will to implement it.

He assured constituents that his plans are on course for implementation such as the housing scheme, amongst the few.

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