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Naha CHS nears completion of rebuilt classroom

Overlooking Naha CHS new building which is almost complete

NAHA Community High School is nearing completion of its first-floor classroom which was destroyed by fire last year.

Despite Naha CHS facing financial challenges, the school has been taking initiatives to rebuild their building.

Currently, the school is struggling on its own to achieve its aim to complete the down floor by this month.

In an exclusive interview with Naha CHS Careers Master, Mr Charles Tetepe, he said the school has decided to take a leap of faith since it is imperative that the classroom be built soon for students to use.

He shares that parents and guardians have been their only source of help.

“We still need to build the second floor but will delay small due to financial challenges, and if we secure funds from anywhere then it would be a bonus to speeding up our urgent need,” Mr Tetepe said.

Mr Tetepe said the design is similar to the former, with little change being concrete used to replace timbers.

He said that funds which had been promised them by authorities were diverted elsewhere.

“The idea of school to take initiative because we did not know exact time the funding will be available which has force us to started build the school which is school’s urgent need for students.

“We appealing to responsible authority to get to the bottom of fire issue, find out about the problem to its bottom that is a concern from everyone here.

“With the School, we would like to appeal to authorities particularly HCC who owns us, and those who sees our struggle to work together with us for re-building the classrooms.”

Last year Naha CHS has faced disaster when fire burnt down its two-storey building.

Since then displaced students have been using the science library as makeshift classrooms.

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