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Isabel landowner applauds logging company

ISABEL man Ambrose Motui has praised a logging company operating in Susubona Ward of Hograno District.

He said Mas Solo Investment Limited is providing good services to landowners and non-owners whose forest are currently being logged.

“Mas Solo Company is providing housing scheme, canoe, outboard motor engines, solar panels and other small projects,” Motui said.

He claimed unlike other logging companies operating on Isabel Province, Mas Solo is assisting local communities to own permanent building and other material things.

He said the company is now considering constructing a road from Konide to Kilokaka which the provincial and even national authorities never prioritised.

However, the planned road construction would only be done on the condition that more logging camps are allowed to be built within the said area.

As such Motui is appealing to landowners and chiefs in the area to work together and open the door for Mas Solo to come and operate along the southern coast of the Isabel Island.

As a landowner himself, Motui claimed he has seen and experienced the benefits Mas Solo has delivered to the people within the Susubona Ward.

He believes the benefits from logging outweighs the absence of government services to rural people within the Hograno and Katova District especially with regards to infrastructure development such as roads, schools and hospitals.

Last month, Mas Solo Investment teamed up with local timber milling scheme belonging to Demeolo landowners to build 10 permanent houses, processed timbers for 30 and was in the process of cutting timbers for further 15 houses.

The logging company has also assisted Hirolegu Primary School with four sets of 20 watts solar panels.

Motui said Mas Solo Investment has three logging operations on Isabel and is negotiating consent for two more under the same system of help and support to local landowning groups.