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Gov’t owes $400K

Tamboko landowners demand end to endless waiting for Government promise


LANDOWNERS of Tamboko are calling on the government to prioritise their call for road access payment, as they await the government’s response to a bill of $408,000.

The bill relates to a Road Access Agreement between the landowner and Government in reaching an understanding on allowing a road construction company to collect gravel for the road improvement project In West Guadalcanal, Guadalcanal province.

In an interview with this paper, spokesperson for the landowners Daniel Kikile said landowners have submitted a ‘NO GO’ notice to government in retaliation for this failed agreement.

He said there will be no road access until the government settles its bill.

Mr Kikile also said that landowners will not support any further agreement and consultation made by the government since the bill is yet to be paid.

“We have gave the government our support but this dishonesty will surely threaten this very important development.

“We want the government to understand that everything has values therefore honouring this agreement must be a priority,” he said.

Mr Kikile said Landowners have had enough of empty promises and that the ‘NO GO’ notice will have serious impact to the road project.

This is one among many claims that the government still owes landowners and other ordinary citizens of Solomon Islands.

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