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Call to monitor expired goods in Gizo

PEOPLE of Gizo are calling on responsible authorities to monitor expired goods available on shops in the provincial township.

They have gone on to ask responsible authorities in the Western Province to check with some shops within Gizo town.

A concerned Gizo resident Mr Lemo said he noticed that some shops in Gizo are still continuing to sell expired goods in their shops.

“I would like to call on responsible authorities to step up and start monitoring all the shops before someone is victimized over expired goods.

“Some of the discounted products have already expired over the weekend, thus I ask authorities to remove those goods to avoid health risks,” Mr Lemo said.

He said people want to ensure that there are no more outdated products on the shelves as most children dont check or look for expire dates when they bought goods at the shops.

Meanwhile, he calls on the Consumer Affairs and Price Control Division (CA & PC) within the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labor and Immigration Together with the Industrial development Division and Health Inspectors in Gizo to carry out their duties to monitor every shops within Gizo and other urban centers in the Western Province.