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Backyard Garden project on progress

BACKYARD Garden a project under Choiseul Integrated Climate Change and Adaptation Programme (CHICCAP) is on progress at Voruvoru, Northwest Choiseul.

The progress of the project is under the careful supervision of the Climate Change Officer Mr Samson Koveke.

Backyard Garden is aimed to raise awareness on how to make a garden in a backyard using new kinds of techniques especially where land is scarce and areas that are affected by climate change.

It is reported that many kinds of garden foods and vegetables can be grown in a small plot of land area using the Backyard Garden techniques.

According to Nerio Ulemiki the media coordinator for Christ the King Parish at Voruvoru Northwest Choiseul reporting, anyone who wants to start a backyard garden can see Mr Samson for advice so that they can do experiment on the Backyard Garden demonstrations.

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