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A stunning trip to Epanga Island

One of the community projects located at Epanga Island resort, which was supported and funded by European Union Rural Advancement Micro Project (RAMP)

EPANGA Island is next to Nusa Tupe Airstrip, where you can find people from Simbo Island who own the island.

I went over to Epanga Island to cover the Tourism Ministers tour last week.

The visit was aimed at allowing the ministers to see firsthand the beauty and settings of developed tourism sites, which they can relay to their own tourism aspirations back in their own provinces.

I boarded the Police stabicraft in Gizo on Thursday headed for Saeragi Village.

After, we went on to the Urilolo Lodge, Njari Island and Orava Cottage resort.

We were briefed at the Oravae Cottage resort for ten minutes before continuing to Epanga island.

The trip was exciting for me as it was my first time to visit few resorts surrounding Gizo and chat with resort owners about the current development of tourism in Western province.

A recent visit of Tourism Ministers at the Epanga Island on Thursday last week

Amazing and lovely people at Epanga Island

We arrived at Epanga welcomed by community elder Mr Bolton Hebal and a big crowd with garlands.

The delegation was led by Western province Premier Wayne Maepio, Chief of Tourism officer Jeffson Patovaki, Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Vincent Eria and the national Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hon Bartholomew Parapolo and other provincial tourism ministers.

Rennell and Bellona Premier Collin Tesuatai, on behalf of the visiting provincial tourism ministers, thanked the people of Epanga island for the great hospitality.

One of the treats that expected at Epanga Island, BBQ fish

Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hon Bartholomew Parapolo also thanked community members for improving their small bungalows which adds to the attractiveness of the resort.

Mr Hebala shared the needs of the community to build a clinic, school and proper sanitation so that the people and visitors can enjoy a clean environment.

The Epanga community thanked the visiting delegation for choosing their island to visit.