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Three leaders praise Arnavon Marine Park

Three leaders of Katupika share their appreciation for the Arnavon Marine Park

THREE leaders of Katupika society in Choiseul province have commended the Arnavon Community Marine Park’s initiative which they believe will enhance learning opportunities.

Board Member for Arnavon Community Marine Park, Mr Derald Daniel said protecting marine resources is important for educational and social learning of Isabel and Choiseul students.

Even Solomon Islands and University students abroad who wish to do environmental research as well, he adds.

Mr Daniel said few marine lives are at risk, and might be extinct in few years’ time, and by preserving them now would enable future generations to see those sea animals.

“What strongly look at is about how we keep what inside our environment, some things we need to see for future generation could be extinct in few years time if we not conserving marine resources.

“We have to protect them in order to keep our resources safe for future generation to see.”

School Principal for Pujirai Adventist Community High School, Mr Reuben Venokana said it is a huge learning opportunity for his science and social science students.

“As a school principal, in our school syllabus, science and social science student study Environment and conservation, in Arnavon Island we utilize by sending science and social science students here.

“Students will regard this place as classroom outside which they can come and study real situation ideal for their learning opportunities not only here but other schools around Solomon Islands and aboard.”

Chief of Volaekana Tribe, part of Katupika, Mr Alosi Jonah, said a long time ago their forefathers used to stay on the islands and were practicing some forms of conservation, but had lacked knowledge and skills then.

He admires the idea The Nature Conservation and three communities collaborating to re-birth what has been practised by his forefathers.

“It is good that we conserved to re-birth marine lives, an idea introduce by our forefathers to see what has been wipe-out,” Mr Jonah said.

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