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Our Telecom committed to support ITSSI

OUR TELECOM is committed to support Information Technology Society Solomon Islands (ITSSI) for three years.

The Chief Executive Officer for Our Telecom, Mr Loyley Ngira made this pledge during the launching of its website at the Heritage Park yesterday.

CEO Ngira said their support for ITSSI is for technology and telecommunication sector, saying that it is the leading player for ICT sector in the country.

Following the launching of ITTSI website, Mr Ngira congratulates them on this inaugural launch of the Society, saying they have multiple goals to achieve.

This includes; supporting the Government with its initiatives in ICT, to Support the Education System in the country and to advocate and promote ICT within the public community.

Furthermore, this society also looks on ways to involve in research to promote ongoing development in ICT, to promote trainings and development of the members of the Society and establish standards for practitioners and investors.

Moreover, the IT Society will continue to adventure their goals in areas to adopt professional practices for IT professionals and establish partnership with the Government and many players.

However, looking at the current and future perspective of ICT, CEO Mr Ngira said, ICT industry is flourishing and Solomon Islands can now utilise servers, routers, software, IP protocols, LTE, core platforms, edge platforms, NGN and Cloud Networks.

Meanwhile, the national policy on ICT should encourage ICT transformation of Solomon Islands with some relief on capital imports and end-user devices such as laptops, tablets, basic mobiles and smart mobiles.

CEO Mr Ngira said, satellite communications has played an important role in the history of telecommunications in Solomon Islands.

He said through the effort of Solomon Telekom to link and provide communications to the increasing population of Solomon Islands, Satellite technology has improved drastically.

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