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MPs attend Sustainable Development Seminar

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Opposition Leader, Speaker of Parliament, Clerk of Parliament, Country Director of UNDP with other Members of Parliament and other participant who attend the seminar

MEMBERS of Parliament have ended a two-day seminar yesterday to discuss how Solomon Islands can translate Sustainable Development Goals commitment at the national level.

The seminar provides an opportunity for Members of Parliament to discuss how the government through the work of various Ministries can link and contribute to the main objective areas of the National Development Strategy 2016-2035 to execute Sustainable Development Goals.

In her opening remarks on Tuesday, UNDP Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota said the seminar is organised in recognition of the central role played by Parliament in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

She adds that the seminar’s ambition is to ensure development policies and plans are drawn up through participatory and inclusive processes with regular progress reports submitted to parliament for review.

Ms Kubota said UNDP recognises that Parliamentarians are central to advancing strong systems of democratic governance with democratic principles the country embraced and natured for future development aspiration and that such seminar is very important for Parliamentarians.

She explained that Sustainable Development Goals have different aspects and respective predecessors with dedication to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, providing access to justice for all and building effective as well as accountable inclusive institution at all levels.

Ms Kubota adds that the principles and predecessors are resonated very well with the aspiration of Solomon Islands National Development Strategy.

“I hope this forum will present you with the opportunity to discuss in details the SDGs and how these goals relates to your National Strategic Plan,” she said.

Ms Kubota told those present that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was endorsed by the United Nation General Assembly in September 2015 seeking member countries to leave no one behind in effort to transform the world.

She said the Agenda presents a new global development framework anchored around 17 Sustainable Development Goals with a total of 169 targets covering economic, social development and environment protection.

Ms Kubota said total eradication of poverty is the overarching goal that requires strategic and holistic approach across all level within the society.

She continues to say that Climate Change is also an important agenda highlighted under the Sustainable Development Goals and that the agenda is very important for Solomon Islands.

Ms Kubota said Solomon Islands is aware and has experienced severe effects of disaster causing serious and lasting socio-economic impact on communities across all provinces.

She said the changing weather pattern caused by climate change in Solomon Islands highlights the importance of integrated disaster and climate change risk into development at all levels.

Speaker of Parliament Mr Ajilon Jasper Nasiu said Members of Parliament are important partners in driving the Sustainable Development aspiration and goals.

He urges Members of Parliament to render support by establishing development platforms and strategies that encourages Sustainable Development Goals.