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Malaita Premier encourages Arnavon Island marine park

Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia who is an invited guest and a pioneer behind the success of Arnavon Conservation Marine Park

PREMIER of Malaita travelled a long way to the border of Isabel and Choiseul province with a reflective mission to deliver three significant theories as a way forward for Arnavon Conservation.

The Arnavon Community Marine Conservation Area is now elevated to the status of Arnavon Community Marine Park.

Ramohia said the future of ACMP can be successful if the three communities mandated believe on strong management and partnership footed on visionary leadership and commitment.

He also adds ACMP is a leader of conservation in Solomon Islands, and it is on this truth the organisation must stand and build on.

Another point Premier Ramohia looks at is innovation, he said this will answer questions of alternative for ACMP landowning of Kia, Wagina and Katupika.

“Use the ACMP not only as conservation or protected area but as marketable commodity for tourism, research and learning.

“In this way the long term sustainable of the ACMP is addressed and maintained.”

He also said participation of provincial and national government in the Marine Park is important for long term sustainability of the project followed by leveraging and replicating to other provinces.

Minister Manetoali and his PS, Dr Melchior Mataki

Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Mr Samuel Manetoali urged everyone to keep a noble spirit of working together and building partnership to thrive effective conservation.

“Our work does not end here, rather this is new beginning, as ACMP is ready to navigate a new course in this vast ocean, the future could be more challenging,” Hon Manetoali said.

Mr Manetoali reflects on the theme, leadership, partnership and stewardship saying it is strongly believes a guiding principle as keys to unlock effective management of marine resources.

Meanwhile, Ramohia is one of Arnavon’s pioneers, he came to the island in 1990 and launched the ACMCA in 1995, being employed under TNC.

In 2010 Mr Ramohia left TNC, and eight years after he is back to witness the declaration of the conservation initiative as ACMP.

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