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Last 20 chocolate samples standing

The international Judes who are currently in the country to find which cocoa bean to be the best

OF the 96 samples of cocoa competing the final 20 have been selected as the search continues for the best in the Solomon Islands Chocolate week.

These twenty cocoa samples will again compete for the top 10, said the international judges yesterday after processing them this week.

The judges further highlighted that judgement is based on the quality of the beans, and winners will be announced tomorrow at the national auditorium.

According to PHAMA Officer, they will trim down those twenty samples again today to find who is first, second and third.

She said the prices will not in cash as expected but diverts them to farming materials.

One of the Judges, Mr Gabe Davidson, Owner of Wellington Chocolate Factory during his presentation said he is proud be as one judge judging Solomon’s cocoa beans.

Mr Davidson said, he is looking forward to work with local farmers, and create first hand network with them.

However, the prices will be known for three place which consist of first place, SBD$10,000, second, UBD$8,000 and third SBD$5,000.