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HABA must explain rumours

Clifton Siofa’a of SOLMATIC boxing club (right) looks to unleash the right jab on Junior Navo of SINU…. Photo Benz Newman

A boxing official calls for transparency and accountability in the Honiara Boxing Association (HABA).

He said he is aware that the tournament will begin by sometime next month and he calling out for some clarifications on a number of issues regarding the association.

This concerned official said that the first call he wants to make is for HABA to explain in the media its financial status as of day one.

On that note, he adds that this is in the best interest of the club, the public and officials.

The second concern of this man is that there are rumours circulating saying that the president of HABA borrowed ten thousand dollars.

“We want the HABA executive to explain to the public and media whether this rumour is true or not,” he said.

In addition, he said another rumour he is aware of is that the Kossa futsal team borrowed money from HABA for their tour to Australia after HABA held fundraising for them for that particular trip.

Discontented, this boxing official wants the executive to explain this situation and is curious to know whether the amount borrowed has been recovered or not.

Another call he wishes to make is for HABA to hold a meeting to elect new executive members whom according to him should not be affiliated to the boxing club as he believes executive members who are not associated with the boxing club will have neutral views and competently run the association.

The final call of this concerned person is for HABA fall back to the situation it encountered in the last ten years.

“We don’t want what had happened to HABA for the last ten years to be repeated,” he said.

In this regard, he mentioned that in the last ten years HABA came across a downfall in which due to the course of mismanagement the association died out and was revived in 2015.

“We want transparency and accountability.

“HABA must come out and explain these rumours in the media.

“Their financial status and expenditure since day one must be produced in the media,” he said.

The distraught citizen in his closing remarks said that this call does not have anything to do with the upcoming tournament next month.