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Government to refocus emphasis on budget

NOW that Parliament has adjourned Sine Die, the Government will go straight into working on refocusing the emphasis of its budget.

The Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare made the statement on the Sine Die motion he moved in Parliament last week.

Bills that have gone through Parliament and have been passed are the, Wildlife Protection and Management Amendment Bill 2016, The Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skill Authority Bill 2016, the Pacific Games 2023 Bill 2016, the Child and Family Welfare Bill 2016, the Adoption Amendment Bill 2016, the Town and Country Planning Amendment Bill 2016, the Land Survey’s Bill 2016.

All of which have been passed except the Ombudsman Bill 2016, The Whistle Blowers Protection Bill 2016 and The Anti-Corruption Bill 2016.

“They will be processed through the various stages of Parliamentary processes, based on the views expressed by Members of Parliament when these bills come through.

“We are looking at the concerns raised regarding these pieces of legislation and we will address them. In the case of The Anti-Corruption Bill, we have decided, as you know, to prioritize the National Anti-Corruption Strategy that has come before Parliament,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Sogavare then added that the Government is continuing to analyze all that was said by Members of Parliament in reference to the Strategy and everything said during debates on the Strategy will help and guide Government advance the policy.

“We also passed two Supplementary Appropriation Bills and in fact the Second Reading debate on the Bills generated lively debates on micro-economic issues and management of the economy.

“I would like to say that the Government appreciated and welcomed the views expressed.

“I think the messages that emanated from the debates will provide useful guides for the Government and call on it to be a bit more visionary and be proactive and strategic in its management of the economy,” Prime Minister Sogavare added.

The Prime Minister then said the Government is mindful of the expectations people have on them as Government to focus their budget on issues that really matter to them and to well manage the country’s economy.

“In this regard, as soon as Parliament is adjourned sine die, we will go straight into the work of refocusing the emphasis of our Budget.

“This may see some major adjustments to the 2017 Appropriation Act and its schedules.

“So we welcome the advices to be proactive and strategic in the management of the economy,” said the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare.