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Community initiate clean & green environmental programme

Jericho 2 children taking a walk up a hill to deposit the wastes at the rightful place..Photo by Henry Kaniki

ONE of the major issue faced by the community outside of urban area is littering of wastes.

This is true for residents that live in settlements communities.

In day in and day out schedule people purchase processed goods to meet their family needs.

And the end result of the purchased good there are always waste that are associated with the processed products.

And with no proper waste management plans in place the community has created a high risk environment to its own people in regards to personal hygienic within family, high risk in common diseases such as malaria.

And by realising the ongoing issue at hand, the community has taken a new direction, a new healthy habit and passion to keep their environment clean and green.

The activity was started some couple of years back where usually the chairman of the Community Committee Mr Steven Bunabo leads a morning working session call to the people for 2-3 hours every Saturdays.

In addition to that, Mr John Labu and Henry Kaniki has recently extended an activity that engage children active participation last Saturday April 22.

The activity was named as “Clean and Green Environmental Programme” where children collects tins, cans together, grid them to smaller pieces with homemade concrete harmer and damp them at Honiara City Council’s nearest waste bin.

A good number of children turn up for the first time for this programme.

According to Mr John Labu, he stated that this programme has brought children to actively involve in community activity.

In most cases, only youths and adults are actively engaged for that matter however with this new direction we have seen positive participation and behavioural changes in our children.

Chairman of the community committee Mr Bunabo during a community meeting clarify the purpose of working together as a community to bring the mind set of people for a healthy behaviour where there is people and justice is prevail.

The program will continue and the community has pledge their support to this programme.

In a statement, the project coordinator of development project Mr Joe Atoa added that there are more relevant activities that are attached to the existing activities.

And for that, the community would like to invite interested partners, private companies, NGOs and Government Ministries who wishes to support the programme for a good cause to contact the chairman of the association (Mr Steven Bunabo – email:

The community has recently registered a legal body under Charitable Act trust namely Jericho 2 Community Development Trust In-cooperated (J2CDT).

The main purpose of this association is to put together community ideas into practice and bring about positive changes and sourcing relevant developments to the community for better standard of living in peace and harmony.