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Challenges and proposed reforms

How satisfied are you with your Government?


AS extracted from the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) Policy Document, the Government has attributed the incapacity besides the civil unrest and the state’s inability to provide adequate and quality goods and services.

As the current Government is drawing to the end of its tenure, Island Sun saw it fit to provide as much insight as possible on the Government’s policy document.

In a table form, the DCC Government indicated challenges and proposed reforms to tackle these challenges.

Lack   of   ethical,   accountable,

respected   and   credible     leadership

Instill ethical,   accountable,   respected   and   credible leadership   that     will   provide   long-­‐term   and     alternative   visions   for     the   country.
The   absence   of     a   unifying vision

that   affirms   national     identity

Strengthen   national   unity   through     shared     visions     and   agreed

social and   economic   development     goals.

The   absence   of   long-term

development   strategies

Establish   a   Twenty     Year   National   Development     Strategy   that

will guide social   reform   and economic     advancement.

Poor Economic   Management Improve economic management   and   facilitate   reforms that     will   ensure   broad-­‐based   economic     development   and increased     investment   opportunities   for   all Solomon   Islanders.
Insignificance of   private     sector-­‐

led   growth

Promote   and facilitate   private     sector-­‐led   economic   growth.
Poor Governance Improve   and   enforce     good   governance   values     and   practices   and     ensure   accountability   and   transparency     at   all     levels of   governance.
Growing culture of     corruption Prevent   and   eradicate   corruption   in     all   levels   in     the  country.
Absence of   personal     and

collective security

Ensure   that   Solomon     Islands   is   a     secured,   peaceful   and

progressive   country   for     all Solomon   Islanders.


In acknowledging the challenges, the DCC Government states in it policy document that it is committed to addressing them head on with strong conviction and determination to improve the economy, provide good governance at all levels and improve the livelihood of all Solomon Islanders.

As most citizens may not have access to leisurely analyzing the Government’s Policy document, Island Sun will be publishing as much of it over the coming days.