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4 Political Appointees terminated

’OPMC conducts performance review of PAs’


THE Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) has relieved four Political Appointees (PA) of their duties.

According to an official statement from the OPMC, in response to Island Sun’s queries sent to the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) John Muria (Jnr) on 24 April 2017, the relieving of the four PAs came as a result of the ongoing review carried out by the OPMC on the performance of all politically-appointed officers.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has disclosed that four Political Appointees (PAs) have been relieved of their duties.

He stated that as PAs are tasked with specific responsibilities in ensuring the effective implementation of policy programmes of the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) a review process is necessary to ensure performance and implementation by the PAs is monitored.

The SSPM further added that as a result of the review, those found not meeting the performance expectation grid of the ruling political Government will be relieved from duty to avoid unnecessary spending of Government resources.

The statement also says that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Mr Nego Sisiolo said Permanent Secretaries are also subject to performance reviews by the Public Service Commission.

The SSPM was unable to confirm the names of the four PAs that were relieved of duties but a source close to this paper within the OPMC discreetly disclosed that National Consultant Land Management Genesis Kofana (SS3), National Security Oliver Twist Osi (L12) of the Prime Minister’s Private Office and Caucus Office and Father Patterson Ngaliasi were three of the four terminated PAs.

The paper was unable to confirm the fourth PA that was relieved of duties, apart from the previously terminated Secretary to Caucus Sarah Susuta Yee (SS3) that could possibly make that fourth count.

The Prime Minister disclosed on the floor of Parliament in February this year that, to date, there are 57 Political Appointees engaged by the Government.

This includes people working on the policy implementation evaluation monitoring unit at the Caucus (Office), the Prime Minister’s private and Political Office and also includes all the domestic servants as well.

“In reference to what the pay scale is, we have three officers on level 10, one officer on level 13, 19 officers on SS3 level, two officers on level 11, one officer on SS1 level, nine officers on SS4 level, nine officers on level 12 and four officers on SS2 level,” said the Prime Minister.

This however adds up to 48 PAs.

As at February this year, the total number of PAs stood at 57, according to the PM – now that four have been terminated this could mean there are 53 PAs to date.

“The combined salary and entitlements of the political appointee I think that is wrapped up in the payroll cost; in 2015 the cost is $13.6Million, for 2016 the cost is $15.7Million and for 2017 the cost is $15.5Million,” the Prime Minister further added.