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Thursday, May 11th, 2017


Canada fund project funding applications

DEAR EDITOR, as I have reported in your newspaper recently, I have been in regular contact with the Canadian Government, over several weeks, to see whether a project grant could be obtained through the ‘Canada Fund’ to try and make both the Tatamba Rural Health Clinic in Isabel Province and the Panueli Rural Health Clinic on Savo Islands functional again and ensure up to 15,000 people in both communities can, once more, get proper health care in renovated or repaired health facilities. I am pleased to say the Canadian GovernmentRead More

Forests in the Solomon Islands have been logged to an unsustainable level

DEAR EDITOR, according to Vaeno Vigulu, the Permanent Secretary of Forestry and Research, the forests in the Solomon Islands have been logged to an unsustainable level. Mr Vigulu, speaking with the SIBC, said the country’s forests had suffered to massive harvests. He added, “But it’s what the people want. Across the country, they want to harvest their trees so they harvest them.” “What we try to do is to regulate this industry under the current forest act and our regulations so that we can try to minimise the destruction toRead More

Maepio welcomes tourism leaders to Gizo

WESTERN province Premier Wayne Maepio yesterday welcomed the national minister of tourism and his permanent secretary, and provincial tourism ministers and their provincial secretaries yesterday to this year’s Council of Tourism Ministers meeting, hosted in Gizo. “I would like to welcome you all, feel welcome and all welcome. Feel at home and may you feel the West, love west and enjoy the Western Province. “It is with special privilege that we have you as our guest for the duration of this Council of Ministers meeting host in our provincial capitalRead More

High-level tourism meeting in Gizo

THE Council of Tourism Ministers (CTM) meeting kicks off today in Gizo. The conference convenes the national Minster of Tourism Hon Bartholomew Parapolo, provincial tourism ministers and their provincial secretaries. The theme of this year’s CTM is ‘Sustenabol Tourism fo future grot’, with the national tourism minister being the chair. The official welcome ceremony was held yesterday at the MSG building led by Western Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepio and a short briefing for STOM delegates. Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon Bartholomew Parapolo is expected to give his keynoteRead More

WWF to sign MOU with Western Province

THE World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature-Solomon Islands and Western Provincial Government hopes to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) next week in Gizo Western Province. The signing will be held on the Friday April 21, 2017 at 9.30am at the Telekom Conference Room, Telekom Building in Gizo. WWF – Solomon Islands Partnerships Development Officer (CBFM) Zelda Hilly revealed to Island Sun Gizo yesterday that the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands will be signing the Memorandum of Understanding together with the Western Provincial Government (WPG) and the WWF-Solomon IslandRead More

Veke calls to change proposed limited preferential voting system

PRESENTING his opening remarks during the Provincial Consultation Review of the Election System and National Parliament Electoral Provision Act yesterday in Honiara, Premier Veke calls for change to happen now. “It is now time to change it. Our society has advanced and more institutional change is needed now to remain dynamic and relevant in the context of our modern society,” Premier Veke said. He was referring to our current voting system which is the ‘First Past the Post’(FPTP) or the ‘Winner take all’ system which has failed miserably to deliverRead More

Yam & shell money to be celebrated in Malaita

YAM and shell money festivals will be celebrated in Malaita province mid this year. Speaking to this paper yesterday, head of tourism in Malaita province Jackson Leaburi said the yam festival will be celebrated in Afio in Small Malaita in July this year. In 2016, the Yam festival in Small Malaita was one of the highlights in Malaita province. It brought together government officials, tourists and farmers around Malaita province to witness the special occasion. Leaburi added, in August shell money making will also be celebrated and marked at BusuRead More

Water supply hits hard on rural communities

WATER supply is still a thorn in the side for the rural citizens of the country. In a recent interview with the one of the chiefs of Hatakau village in East Are Are, Mr George Kauhi’ona points out that communities in rural areas are in dire need for proper water supply. He said this is a cry from the heart of many rural villagers who are without the essential service. “Other aspects of rural communities can range with minority and not like water as everyone knows. “Imagines some villagers who’veRead More

The controversial shipping grants and its Turkish connection

TO Solomon Islanders, the controversial shipping grants, administered by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, is largely a domestic affair. Except for purchases of ageing ships from Asian countries, the lion share of disbursements remains in the hands of Solomon Islands’ nationals who cunningly snaked their way in to get a slice of the $70 million-a-year scheme. Now information has surfaced that the questionable tentacles of the shipping grants has gone as far away as Turkey, the resting place of Noah’s Ark. Here’s what happened. In 2015, the MP for EastRead More

Dual citizenship on track: Waiwori

THE Government had established an inter-ministerial Special Committee to work on the proposed dual citizenship for Solomon Islands under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Secretary to the Dual Citizenship Special Committee, Mr Christopher Waiwori of the Office of the Prime Minister said the Committee is now working closely with the Attorney General Chambers in formulating and finalising the necessary drafting instructions, its accompanying Constitutional Amendment Bill and the Amendment to the Citizenship Act to cater for dual citizenship. He said the DCC Government Policy Statement contains a particular policy toRead More