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Wram launches new website

Cake cutting during the lauching of the new WRAM website

WRAM (Women’s Rights Action Movement) launched their website on May 13.

WRAM chairlady, Ms Anika Kingmele opened the programme with a few remarks.

She said that working together is very important especially working with women as this contributes to the wellbeing of the family the nation as a whole.

WRAM Research and Policy Officer, Ms Donna Makini took the pleasure of launching the website.

She initially said that the aim of the website is to raise WRAM’s profile and extend its publicity.

In relation, Ms Makini said that the website includes features like information, newsroom, events and gallery.

She said the website will enlighten people about the work WRAM has been involved in, their mission and vision.

Ms Makini added that those on the site will also be able to see upcoming events and pictures illustrating WRAM’s work, reports and research.

Last year, WRAM had a strong collaboration and network with women on raising issues on different levels of the government.

This initiative led WRAM to hold the first national woman’s forum.

WRAM came into being in 2011 as a non-governmental organisation created by strong individuals who believe in gender quality.

Since then WRAM has been active in assisting the government on issues which cater to the best interests and well-being of women and girls around the country.

Today WRAM is driven by strong passionate women and men who are advocates for areas like gender equality, human rights, collaboration, integrity and open and honest communication.